Curtis Patterson Scottsdale, AZ

Curtis Patterson, Recovery Services

With a strong background in human nutrition, sport nutrition, exercise science, exercise physiology, chemistry, biology, and kinesiology, Curtis Patterson is an expert when it comes to RECOVERING the body. Coupled with over 16 years of personal training and group fitness experience, Curtis thoroughly understands what the body needs and the tools necessary to facilitate those needs when it is sore, fatigued, or overworked. As a specialist in body movement and mechanics, Curtis has a very keen eye for incorrect movement patterns and musculature imbalances and is well versed in how to correct those movements and create balance. From the perspective of RECOVERY, Curtis is a leader in the field and can effectively and efficiently provide everything the body needs to move and function at its peak.

Curtis’ passion is helping people move correctly in addition to fueling the body appropriately. While sport and physical training is extremely important for the body to build strength and stay mobile, Curtis feels that the aspect of RECOVERY is not given enough attention. Through implementation and practice, Curtis hopes to increase public awareness about the importance of RECOVERY and how it should be a critical piece of everyone’s health, wellness, and fitness routine.

      Curtis was born and raised in Arizona, received a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Interdisciplinary Studies (Exercise Science, Nutrition, Public Administration, Public Management) and a Master’s in business administration (MBA) from the University of Phoenix. In 2005, Curtis began a career as a firefighter / EMT, promoted to engineer and eventually fire captain. He also assumed many additional titles such as health and fitness director, BLS Instructor, airport rescue firefighter, technical rescue technician, swift water rescue technician, and mountain rescue technician. In 2018, Curtis chose to take an early retirement so that he could focus more directly on his passion for human movement and nutrition. When Curtis is not helping others at Scottsdale Sport Recovery, he is either coaching CrossFit, enjoying life with his beautiful fiancé, traveling the world, camping, and exploring many amazing national parks.