Patient Testimonials

  • Dr. Jason has been able fix a nagging shoulder injury in 2 treatments. I went from not being able to do a snatch for 3 years to doing moderate weight. Dry needling for the win!


  • Great PT! Very knowledgeable in the human body on how it moves and works. Jason always fixes my physical issues when I go to see him.


  • I’m very glad Dr. Avakian’s treatment space is so conveniently located off the 101. It’s very easily accessible. Plus, he offers a lot of services such as cryotherapy which many other facilities do not. I recommend you check this place out if you are looking to free yourself from pain or increase performance!


  • I have been seeing Jason for the past 8 months and he is the only PT I will continue to trust concerning my physical concerns.

    I came to Jason when my lower back was in a sufficient enough amount of pain that it inhibited most of my training days in the gym. Through his vast knowledge, he was able to identify the root of my pains and began from there.

    I can now say that I have zero back pain (after 5 or 6 sessions with aggressive work) and haven’t had any (if so, very minor that nothing but a quick fix from him could alleviate). I have been to other PT’s that use similar ART techniques, but nothing compares to what Jason has done and continues to do for my body.

    If you have any sort of imbalances or pains, I can assure and attest that Jason will find the way to make those pains go away. The other aspect that I really enjoy about our sessions is he will always give simple exercises to use in my training that have thus far made a tremendous difference. He goes above and beyond for his clients.


  • Jason is very gifted at assessing your pain or injury and not just treating symptoms, but finding the underlying cause. The trigger point dry needling has helped me tremendously and gotten results much faster and more thoroughly than just traditional PT alone. If you want a true professional who is passionate about getting the best results for you, Jason is your best choice.


  • Jason is the best! I was in a crunch and nursing a leg injury before running my first ever half marathon. He stayed late to squeeze me in and worked wonders!!! I went from having pain for a month and a half while running to no pain at all come race day. He is very knowledgeable and very professional. I will be back whenever I need any other PT related items.


  • Jason is a genius. Treatment is efficient, effective and permanent unlike deep therapy massage and other treatments I’ve tried for sports activity. Thanks J!


  • My experience at Kinetic Sports was top notch. I highly recommend Jason, he is a wealth of knowledge, but more importantly, he was the key to solving my back issues.

    I have been competing in triathlons since 2010, and have done 5 Ironmans. I have had much success as a triathlete, however, pain in the lower back while doing the bike leg of an Ironman caused the most pain I have ever had at every race, and almost caused me to quit 3 of my 5 Ironmans. I came to Jason after having visited almost every bike fitter in town, gotten many opinions, and had many deep tissue massages which helped but never stopped the pain from becoming unbearable on the bike. I honestly did not expect that Jason could “solve” my problems, but I had heard really good things about Jason.

    After a few visits prior to my most recent Ironman, Jason developed a theory about the root cause of my issues. With some adjustment, exercise as at home, and a few follow-up visits I was feeling good. I went to compete at Ironman Boulder (a tough course) and finished the bike leg with no back pain. Of the 5 Ironmans, I completed this was the one that let my fitness do the talking (not my back).


  • The best PT out there! If you are looking for a passionate physical therapist that listens to your needs/goals and is not satisfied until he meets them, look no further!! Jason is professional, knowledgeable, and applies effective methods to alleviate pain and restore movement. His facility is clean and scheduling is hassle-free.


  • Jason is an incredible therapist who is completely dedicated to your care! His evals are incredibly thorough and the entire session is 1-on-1, which is much different from other physical therapy clinics. After just a few sessions, I was feeling 100% better and able to return to all the activities I love.


  • Was struggling with a bout of tendinitis for over 4 months. Cortisone shots, acupuncture and chiropractic care did not solve the problem. A friend recommended a dry needling technique by Dr. Jason Avakian. He was able to eliminate the tendinitis completely. The scheduling process is seamless and Jason is very good about keeping his appointments on time. I’m completely sold on the technique and he’s also helped with tightness in the shoulder area as well. Highly recommend this provider.


  • Before going to see Jason, I spent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars on different Physical Therapists around the valley… I had a bad shoulder injury that was never diagnosed by the first PT’s properly. Thanks to Jason, after our very first meeting, I had crystal clear clarity on what exactly was causing my shoulder to never fully heal and after a few visits, my shoulder was operating close to 100%. With Jason’s expertise, different treatments including dry needling, cupping, and even some stretching and at home exercise routines he gave me, I have never felt better and he is the only PT I’ll see in the future for any injury ever again. His schedule fills up fast and is usually booked 1-month in advance, and there’s a good reason for that too, it’s worth the early scheduling and well worth the wait. I’ve sent 2 friends to him already and will send more if any more friends have injuries!


  • I’ve been meaning to leave this review for a week now and every time I try, I feel like I’m somewhat at a loss for words. It’s quite funny actually, I was speaking to a friend at my local gym who originally referred me to Jason at Kinetic for a shoulder injury I am currently dealing with. He laughed because he understood where I was coming from when I stuttered and couldn’t put the experience into words when letting him know how my 1st experience went.

    To give you some background, I have been an active gym goer about 5 days a week for 4-5 years now and I have never been through a shoulder injury before. Those who have any experience know that the shoulder can be a pretty complex diagnosis. I spent 2 months being “cheap” and waiting for it to heal on its own until I finally realized I needed professional help. I’m one of those guys who thinks the health industry is always out to get you and that you can’t trust a single person within it. My friend spoke so highly of Jason that I was sold, and the moment I sat down and began working with him I was blown away.

    Jason doesn’t just fix you, he educates you. He explains why the body is doing what it is doing, and how what he is doing is going to fix the problem, but he not only explains it, he explains it in a way that can be understood by those who are less educated in regards to physical therapy.

    I walked in with no mobility in my shoulder and left with full mobility in my shoulder, that to me is insane when a problem is fixed in one visit. He thoroughly assessed me, fixed the problem, and then gave me homework and detailed instruction on how to retain and continue to progress in his absence.

    I highly recommend Jason and Kinetic Sports and Spine. Trust me, you will not go to anyone else once you have given him a chance.


  • The compassionate care I received was really important when I first began my outpatient rehabilitation journey. Both my husband and I have used Kinetic Sports & Spine Physical Therapy for a variety of knee, neck, back and shoulder injuries and surgeries over the past ten years and we would highly recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy!


  • I am no longer in pain, I have full range of motion in my left shoulder again, and I am on the road to recovering the strength I have prior to injury.