I have been seeing Jason for the past 8 months and he is the only PT I will continue to trust concerning my physical concerns.

I came to Jason when my lower back was in a sufficient enough amount of pain that it inhibited most of my training days in the gym. Through his vast knowledge, he was able to identify the root of my pains and began from there.

I can now say that I have zero back pain (after 5 or 6 sessions with aggressive work) and haven’t had any (if so, very minor that nothing but a quick fix from him could alleviate). I have been to other PT’s that use similar ART techniques, but nothing compares to what Jason has done and continues to do for my body.

If you have any sort of imbalances or pains, I can assure and attest that Jason will find the way to make those pains go away. The other aspect that I really enjoy about our sessions is he will always give simple exercises to use in my training that have thus far made a tremendous difference. He goes above and beyond for his clients.