I’ve been meaning to leave this review for a week now and every time I try, I feel like I’m somewhat at a loss for words. It’s quite funny actually, I was speaking to a friend at my local gym who originally referred me to Jason at Kinetic for a shoulder injury I am currently dealing with. He laughed because he understood where I was coming from when I stuttered and couldn’t put the experience into words when letting him know how my 1st experience went.

To give you some background, I have been an active gym goer about 5 days a week for 4-5 years now and I have never been through a shoulder injury before. Those who have any experience know that the shoulder can be a pretty complex diagnosis. I spent 2 months being “cheap” and waiting for it to heal on its own until I finally realized I needed professional help. I’m one of those guys who thinks the health industry is always out to get you and that you can’t trust a single person within it. My friend spoke so highly of Jason that I was sold, and the moment I sat down and began working with him I was blown away.

Jason doesn’t just fix you, he educates you. He explains why the body is doing what it is doing, and how what he is doing is going to fix the problem, but he not only explains it, he explains it in a way that can be understood by those who are less educated in regards to physical therapy.

I walked in with no mobility in my shoulder and left with full mobility in my shoulder, that to me is insane when a problem is fixed in one visit. He thoroughly assessed me, fixed the problem, and then gave me homework and detailed instruction on how to retain and continue to progress in his absence.

I highly recommend Jason and Kinetic Sports and Spine. Trust me, you will not go to anyone else once you have given him a chance.